visual designer making things look nice and easy to use.

I’m currently working on designing thoughtful visual experiences at Lemonero to help eShops earn money easier through the best loan experience ever.

Experience in hand. Design in heart.

Graphic design is a passion of mine, especially when it comes to web and mobile applications. I didn’t have any formal education in graphic design, but I taught myself by following tutorials, trend monitoring and through 7 years of collecting experience while trying to form a modern and user-friendly website.

Family Guy

When I have free time, I love hanging out with my family, playing video games, being active by playing sports, or working on my side design projects like creating icon packs or freebies for other designers.

Designing Visual Experiences at Lemonero

At Lemonero, I have a big impact on the company’s visual identity. I design the web and app systems, create promo marketing assets, and much more. As the only designer on the team, my work is critical to shaping how the company is perceived by the public.

Writing about design for every pixel lover

I started writing only for my own purpose of learning English. But as the number of blog posts about design has increased, more people have visited my sites.

After I received a lot of responses from designers all over the globe, I decided to start writing more frequently and begin sending out a monthly newsletter.

And the journey continues. I hope you enjoy my blog, as well as my newsletter. As I write new posts and find new designer resources, I’ll be sure to pass them along! Enjoy!

Designing assets for designers’ community

I have found that designing staff is a great way to make money on the side. I love doing it, and there is always a demand for good designers. I have worked with developers and marketers who have found my work to be top-notch, and they are always happy to recommend me to others.

If you would love to check out my work, feel free to visit my product page. Or for even more digital assets go to my Creative Market store.

No-code designer with a focus on Webflow

No-code features are a huge perk that come with using Webflow. Take animations, for example. You can add them to elements on your page with just a couple clicks- no coding, HTML, or CSS knowledge necessary. It’s an extremely user-friendly platform that makes web design accessible for everyone.

Webflow is a cutting edge website builder that lets you create amazing websites in record time. It’s perfect for teams who want to move fast and without any headaches.

Also, once needed I am developing sites on WordPress using Cwicly builder as an alternative to Webflow.

Skills and Tools

I am a designer with both strong and weak sides, like any other designer. However, there are certain areas in which I excel. I would love to introduce my strengths to you.

Design for Sartups
Interface Design
Brand Indentity
eCommerce Design
Adobe XD