Empower your project with the best free icon packs on the market

Petr Bilek

September 30, 2022

Material Design Icons

Google that! Of course, this is one of the packages that should not be missing among interface designers. It offers a large number of variants such as filled icons, outlined icons, rounded icons, two tone icons, sharp icons. Definitely do not hesitate and give this extensive package a chance.


Beauty in simplicity! Thanks to the outlined icons from Robbie Pearce, you get an easy option to download or copy the svg icon format.

Feather icons

For me personally, this package is a matter of the heart. As a UI designer, I first met him and inspired me to create icons. I especially love their simple style and extensive editing options. Icons are now part of a number of plugins for Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. Simply download and thank the creator.

Jam icons

Simple and stylish icons! It offers more than 800+ icons. Easy download in svg format.

Line Icon Pack

Praise stinks. Anyway, thanks to your positive reviews, I’m also attaching my package, now with over 320+ icons. Easily editable in graphics tools such as Figma, Sketch, Lunacy, Adobe XD or Illustrator. This package is especially suitable for Interface Design (Web and Mobile).


Do you like a little creative icons? Great! I bring creative icons for your presentations and projects. It offers a huge number of variants and edits. The package also includes a custom stroke, which gives these icons a unique touch.


Iconuioo is a premium icon pack created primarily for Designers and Marketing.

Of course, there are many other packages on the Internet. However, I “pinned” those that I know provide the values I would expect from icons as a designer.

Need a custom icons?

Feel free to contact me. We will definitely find a common solution for your project.

I believe that you will definitely find one of the packages useful.
I wish you a beautiful and creative day.


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