How To Get Client Retention

Petr Bilek

September 30, 2022

Tips To Improve Client Retention

 Now you’d be probably wondering about what ittakes to go from a low retention rate to a peak retention rate that wouldimmensely benefit you as a designer. Well, I have gathered some essential tipsfor you down below:  

1. First Impressions Are Everything:

You may have heard this many times before thatfirst impressions are everything. Well, this is, in fact, very true. After acustomer has just purchased something from you, they will most likely recallback to the first experience they had with you. If it went well and theydeveloped a good impression of you, they are highly likely to stick around.  

2. Flawless Onboarding Process:

A decent onboarding cycle can lay out thefoundations of success for you for quite a long time to come. It should becreative (as much as reasonably expected), active, and it should spotlight oneliminating any hindrances in the way.  

3. Pay Attention To CustomerFeedback:

One of the most significant factors toretaining clients is to understand how they feel about your work. When yourecognize the client’s sentiment and what they like and dislike, you mayperfect your flaws and meet their needs. You need to pay close attention if there is something in your artwork that yourregular clients do not like. Ask your clients for honest feedback and positivecriticism. If they point out something they dislike or think it could be donebetter, you know you need to master it and provide a better performance nexttime they purchase from you. Not only does this enhances your skills, butit also makes sure your client satisfaction is positive, thus improving yourclient retention.  

4. Keep Marketing Your Work

4.1. Physically
You must keep marketing your work everywhere.What I mean by this is you must promote your work as much as you can to yourfriends, family, or even school/workplace. Ask them to refer other people whoare interested in getting designing services to you. Make a “Contact Us” cardwhere you write your contact details such as email address or any other meansof contact that suits you the best. And give that card to people so they canbookmark it and contact you with ease. If your work accelerates too well, you mightget a small office where people could visit physically and meet you directly topurchase your services.  
4.2. Social Media
The best way to market or promote your workis, without a doubt, through the internet and social media specifically. Make acommunity on Twitter, make some online artist friends on Discord or market yourwork on Facebook groups. You will always get new clients and more mutuals bydoing this. Also, make sure to make a portfolio where youshowcase all your best work; thus, if anyone wants to check your recentperformance, they can do it easily and decide whether to purchase your servicesor not. ‍

5. Consistency Is Key

As a designer, you must stay consistent withyour work. Consistency is far more important than you canimagine. Being consistent builds trust between you and the client. When youdeliver your services efficiently, your clients are more than likely to trustyou in future projects. Being consistent also gives you a lot of experience as,without it, you cannot grow as a designer. To be more consistent with your work, Irecommend you try to make a proper schedule of your upcoming assignments, takenotes of your ideas and brainstorm them beforehand. Thus, when you sit down towork, everything would already be planned in a well-mannered way and you wouldwork flawlessly with a great mindset. If you would regularly be consistent with yourwork, your clients would appreciate your efforts a lot more and would likelystick around with you for future projects as well.  


Well, it is no secret that client retention isvery crucial for designers. Once you’ve earned the trust of your clients, theywould keep coming back to you in the future. ‍ I hope my blog helped you in understandingsome of the key fundamentals on how to get loyal clients and on how to growyour designing business further beyond. Wish you to find the only clients which you love to work for! P.


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