Building an eCommerce Layout for Figma

I am true eCommerce lover, as I am in the ecommerce field about 7 years as a Analytics designer for MonkeyData I got a lot of insights about this sector.

This was the reason why I've decided to start building an eCommerce layout based on Figma. You will get full control over the design and will be able to redesign the full page in a few hours. It will blow your mind how auto-layout feature works!

What actually you will definitely find in this layout?

Color control (styles)
Typography control (styles)
Brand control (easy changing brand)
Design system (change the prior look by few clicks)
Components (buttons, forms, filtres and others more complex with all constrains works smooth to change and resize the layout)
Predesigned pages
As the bonus there will be stroked Line Icon Pack

I am looking forward to share with you more detailed info, however it's still in early stage of development. Meanwhille if you're interested how it's going stay in touch with my dribbble account to see more detail shots. There is an eCommerce projecs where all related I am posting.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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