Introducing my new personal site

After a months or years I've made a biggest changes in my personal site. I am not going to calling it a portfolio site in all cases. It's not a purpose why I have decided to build it. Let's find out why has been started and what you will find there in the future.

Asking what's that site, then? is more article/product related site from my work. As most of the products are free for the design community, I have decided also to write more and bringing tutorials alive.‍

I am going to focuses on the design community

Reason is simply, I feel comfortable in this area. Helping people with building the Webflow and Oxygen Builder sites, also helping on the forum, chatting with community on Twitter. I am also building the free Icon Kit (free for commercial use) called Line Icon Pack which has been the first impulse to help more the community using tools (Figma, Webflow, AdobeXD) I am used to use. I see the value here and I am going to stay with this community with bringing more digital assets alive, tutorials and articles.

Also, doing it for myself

As I am improving my English, I think it's the best way to talk, chat and write more. After those years behind, just watching, I am jumping to the ring.

... and don't forget to:
Design for users.
Work for passion.
Live for family.


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Outside of my full-time commitments, I work with on a side projects for mobile and web development.

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